Posted by: difershindo | June 20, 2008

Indonesia Type Approval

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The telecommunication technology has grown rapidly into such a speed that we couldn’t even imagine before. The rapid growth in global telecommunication technology has also affected Indonesia’s telecommunication technology. For example since 1996 when GSM first established in Indonesia, the growth in mobile phone technology started to break trough the wall that had been build by previous technology. Society started to look at the mobile phone as a more efficient and more advance telecommunication equipment. In the past, a mobile phone can only be used as an ordinary phone. It can only be used to make phone calls. Nowadays, a mobile phone can be used to make phone calls, send messages, take pictures & videos; so it can be consider as a personal diary. The subscribers for mobile phone technology in Indonesia has grown rapidly for the past 10 years from 2.000.000 subscribers to 40.000.000 subscribers. Those numbers shows how rapid is the mobile phone technology growth in Indonesia.  To ensure how these rapid growth can be adjusted in Indonesia’s landscape and environment, the government issued new regulations in telecommunication technology matters. One of them is regulatory certification—called type approval–
Every telecommunication equipment destined to be distributed in Indonesia must receive Indonesia’s regulatory certification—called type approval– for import, sale, or connection to public telecommunication networks. DIFERSHINDO is an expert in Indonesia’s type approval. We’ll give our best efforts for our clients since or clients success means our success also. We’ll try to contribute the best way that we could. Each of our team member carries this philosophy in everything that they do in every step of the way. Regulatory approval have a big impact on time to distribute for a manufacturer. Time is money. DIFERSHINDO will give you the best services especially in lead time and we dare to give the best price you can get.


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