Posted by: difershindo | October 15, 2008

Discover the Power of Two-in-One — Enterprise Java and SOA Impressions

With a population of almost half a billion the ‘tiger’ and ‘panther’ nations have become a significant economic factor in the globalized world. Couple that with neighbouring China and you are in the midst of the biggest economic powerhouse of the future.

Asia’s business barometer is on the high-growth path and demand for the latest technologies and products that help to grow the economy is skyrocketing. If you are looking to tap into this sizzling hot market, look no further than JAX Asia. JAX Asia is your only answer when it comes to presenting your products and services in the ideal way to attract new customers.

November 2008 brings with it the Third edition of JAX Asia in Singapore and Jakarta. At JAX Asia 2008, we want to help you to gain ground on one of the most interesting and fastest emerging markets today–South East Asia.

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JAX Asia 2008 Speakers


  • The best speakers from the Enterprise Java and SOA communities
  • Access the industry exhibition to see innovative tools, solutions, and methodologies
  • Network with peers and hold discussions with industry luminaries to profit from the expertise

State of the JAX Union: JAX Asia 2008
SDA Asia Magazine and present JAX Asia 2008 — the third edition of the conference on Java, Enterprise Architecture and Eclipse, to the Asian Enterprise IT community of CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, Software Architects, Project Managers, System Integrators, Software Developers, Web Developers, and Database professionals. If you are a decision maker who evaluates the use of these technologies, an IT business looking for partners and networking opportunities, or a working professional looking to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, this is one conference you don’t want to miss.

The conferences offers an extensive combination of themes covering all areas of the Java, Enterprise Architecture, and the Eclipse ecosystems. The conference agenda includes topics that look ahead and identify trends, as well as best practices that impart valuable knowledge for attendees’ projects. The program meets the demands of both experts and beginners to the technology.


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