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Resume Of Quality Assurance in Telkom Risti

pengujian perangkat

Quality assurance, or QA for short, is the activity of providing evidence needed to establish quality in work, and that activities that require good quality are being performed effectively. All those planned or systematic actions necessary to provide enough confidence that a product or service will satisfy the given requirements for quality.

Quality assurance covers all activities from design, development, production, installation, servicing, documentation, verification and validation. This introduced the rules: “fit for purpose” It includes the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components.

The purpose of Quality Assurance inTelkom Risti is to check every telecommunication devices that are going to be used by PT Telkom, or companies that need QA Certification for the telecommunication devices they use

QA (Quality Assurance) Policy in Telkom Risti

Qualification of Quality Assurance Policy
Application form is completed with:

  • Quality system implementation and send the quality manual to R&D Center
  • SIUP (Trading License) from Trade and Industry Department
  • Copy of NPWP
  • Reference/Supporting letter from principle and obtain legal authorized by Republic of Indonesia representative country
  • Copy of ISO 9000 certificate from principle
  • Copy of Quality manual
  • Product description, specification and manual book

Test Procedure

General Procedure

  1. Application
    Applicants have to fill in the application form.
  2. External Audit of Quality System
    The audit is done based on clause of ISO 9000 international quality standard. Personnel who audit should hold certificate of auditor (passed from ISO 9000 External Auditor training or have been trained as ISO 9000 Auditor).
  3. The Test
    The test process refers to the standard or technical specification which prevails at TELKOM.
  4. Evaluation
    Evaluation is done to determine whether the test fulfills all the requirements.
  5. Issuing Certificate
    Certificate of having passed the test is signed by SGM (Senior General Manager) of R&D Center.

Quality Assurance Test


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