Posted by: difershindo | January 30, 2009

The 4G Wireless Evolution in Miami

The 4G Wireless Evolution is where strategists, architects and network planners will join over 50 speakers leading the charge to the massively mobile future.

4GWE Attendees will learn:

• How the history and evolution of the cellular network

will in part determine the evolution to 4G

• The major differences between the competing

technologies of WiMAX and LTE

• The killer applications for both the consumer

and business customer

• How 4G will effect social networking applications

• How 4G will significantly change content distribution

• Where venture money will be spent

• What mobile devices will be developed to support 4G

• How Device manufacturers will drive demand

and marketshare

• What kind of new business models will take us

beyond the MVNO models of the past

• Where impact of 4G will be the most contentious,

the most beneficial and the most profitable

4GWE will delve into some of the key issues and challenges facing the evolution to a 4G, all IP, wireless network. The event will educate carriers and wireless industry professionals on the applications, technology alternatives, time frames, opportunities and challenges in the new age of mobile broadband.

If you are focused on strategies associated with 4G network technology, products and applications or are looking to invest in the future of the new core of networking, this event will provide you with opportunities to expand your knowledge base, meet your peers and identify potential partners.

Now is the Time for the 4G Wireless Evolution

Apple’s iPhone quadrupled the wireless Internet with its first release and already has 25 million apps downloaded with the 3G models.

As ATT scrambles to put up 3G data solutions, the next generation of spectrum has been assigned and is awaiting the adoption of Long Term Evolution.

This points to the new wireless network core that is emerging from the migration to Internet technology that will enable high-speed connectivity to a rich world of gaming, video, voice and data applications and the ability to always be connected to your applications, community, family and friends. The 4G wireless evolution is all about speed. Speed delivering the network and speed on the network. At the heart of this transition is the ability to use new devices that complement the ability to upload and download wirelessly and ubiquitously at speeds of 50MB and greater.

With the computing power in your hands, the experience of massive mobility will change communications to something more convenient and instantaneous.

With millions of customers and billions of dollars at stake, what will be the driver for consumers? The American consumer will drive adoption and the service providers will require agility to support the dynamics of increased data consumption.


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